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Sharpening  Theological Minds to Prepare and Equip Church Leaders.

"I am among you that serves" (Luke 2:27)


Welcome to the
New Covenant Bible Institute of the Caribbean

New Covenant Bible Institute of the Caribbean was born out of a need in the Church of God of Prophecy to prepare and equip leaders to deal with today's challenges. The primary function is to provide a means of development of leadership  within the church, through various initiatives.

The institution is concerned with Providing a programme of study that maintains a strong spiritual and devotional emphasis along with academics. Additionally, facilitating the continuing development of biblical leadership that follows the Lord Jesus Christ's description of His own vision of leadership "I am among you that serves" (Luke 2:27) thus our motto was chosen. The Institute strives to provide a curriculum that is purposely designed to reflect the needs of our church. The programme of study caters also to other Christian leaders from other denominations.

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